Me, Myself and I

My goal is to help these tweens discover themselves and have confidence in being themself as they head into Junior High and High School.

Me, Myself and I project

10-13 years old are the least photographed years. I want to enrich the lives of pre-teens. I want to help them feel empowered and confident as they enter Junior High and High School.

I'm looking for parents of girls and boys between the ages of 10-13 who feel their tween would like to participate in this photography project. I will spend about 30-45 minutes photographing them in their environment - home or a special location. I will have them bring something that whispers their story, a cherished object that speaks to their heart and or is special to them.

This is important to me as my grandchildren are reaching this age and experiencing bullying and are trying to navigate their way in Junior High and High School. For a limited time I'm offering this session for only $200 but all that goes back into a special product just for your tween because that's how much I believe in this!

The session itself is $200, and includes the session itself and either a 10x24 or 16x16 framed wall art to display proudly in your home.

Let's create a gorgeous group of photos that will showcase your tween and fuel them with confidence as they navigate these awkward years.

Does your child dream of a fun photo shoot of just them? Make their dreams a reality! Fill out the contact form below to participate in the "Me, myself, and I" project.