So Excited to Be a Part of This Movement!

This is the first year that I will be participating in the "Project Beauty" movement. It is a nation-wide campaign started by the senior photographer Thomas Nguyen to redefine what beauty means to today's teen. Unfortunatley, we live in a world where we are pressured to present ourselves a certain way on social media, Project Beauty allows you to take a standup and embrace your flaws that make you uniquely beautiful. To achieve this, I shoot micro mini session that are all-natural, no makeup and no retouching, photoshoot.

This is the 1st year that Valerie Ozella Photography is participating in the Project Beauty movement. This will be open to anyone in Jr High, High School, females and males. My hope is ALL teens appreciate who they are and embrace their uniqueness.

This is also a fundraiser, $20 and all proceeds with go to a local non-profit, First Place for Youth which supports youth transitioning out of foster care. The shoots will take place in my home in Vacaville on Friday March 5, 2021 and Saturday, March 6, 2021 between 1:00pm and 4pm.

You will get THREE high resolution, black and white files via download. Prints available for purchase via online gallery.

What Does Beauty Mean to You?

I define beauty not as really what’s on the outside but more on what’s inside and your personality. ~Lily

Beauty is what makes a person them. I define beauty through personality and how a person is. Although it may be physical at sometimes, it’s mainly who the person is and what they put out into the world. ~ Ayana

Beauty is something that you feel within yourself and radiate on the outside, it’s about feeling good and comfortable in your own skin. ~ Jenna