Want to make new friends? Do you love having your pictures taken? Do you love supporting your peers and being involved in fun activities? Come join the crew then! You would be a great fit for the VOP Senior Influencer Team Class of 2023!

Valerie Ozella Photography Senior Influencer Team is much more than just photo sessions, it’s a collaboration of making new friends, capturing beautiful images to highlight your senior year, and sharing your wonderful experience and fantastic senior session. We believe you will gain the confidence that you will need as you move on to the next chapter after high school.

Our reps are carefully selected based upon how outgoing you are, community involvement, and how you interact with your peers as well as their dedication to helping promote VOP on social media.  Only 8 spots are available. Apply today!

Earn rewards

Earn $25 cash for each senior session referral that books with VOP or $50 towards your products, prints, and digital image files from your personal senior session.

tons of free photos

Every session includes a link to a gallery where you can download and share your FREE  social media digital images. Throughout the program, you'll get tons of photos to celebrate your senior year!

exclusive events

In addition to your regular senior session, you get to participate in exclusive rep-only sessions. The rep sessions feature both group and individual photos, giving you lots of photos to share on social media.


Do I need modeling experience?

You do not! We want you to join our team because you want to have fun and are a beautiful person on the inside! We’ll help pose you and bring out the best!

Do I have to make all scheduled events?

No you do not. You are required to attend the meet and greet and at least one other bonus session. I would like for you to attend as many as possible but I totally understand how busy senior year is. You will be required to sign a contract that you will book your senior session with Valerie Ozella Photography and will not use another photographer for your senior portraits.

Is there a fee to join?

Nothing extra. You pay your senior session fee, $295 like a regular senior session which covers our shooting and editing time of your regular senior session. And purchase a collection which is separate from your session fee. You would do that anyways getting your senior photos done! All group events are free to our reps and all of those digital images are free to download and share as you'd like. The extra images are a perk just for being a senior rep!

What is my responsibilities as a Senior Rep?

Your responsibilities are to talk to your friends about VOP for their senior portraits, share on social media at least once a month and be willing to participate in rep events as well as talk positively about VOP with your friends. You can post photos on social media and stories from our sessions together, and all extra behind the scenes are graciously appreciated. Please tag us in all posts and give us picture credit in the caption.

Do my parents need to be involved?

Yes! We ask that you please make your parents aware of the rep program and let them know that you are applying. They need to be aware of the session fee as well as your responsibilities. If you are chosen as a Senior Rep, I will reach out to your parents to make sure that they are on board with you participating. Please let them know that you are applying so that they are not surprised by our email. This program is a year-long commitment with photoshoots and promotional responsibilities, so please keep that in mind when applying.

How will I know if I am chosen?

Selection process will be in late February and you will be notified by email if you have made the team by March 4, 2022! In that email will include information about the Meet & Greet that is a requirement for you and your parent/legal guardian to attend. We will take some photos at the meet and greet and you will be able to share those shortly after the meet and greet on social media so you can start earning referral $$.

I am ready to apply! What's Next?

Scroll down below and submit your email to receive an application when they open! We're accepting applications until late February and you'll receive an email back with updates on the influencer team meet and greet once all applications have been reviewed and selections have been made!

Fun Sessions