How do I book a session

Start with setting up a pre-consult appointment. https://bit.ly/3dKyKFf

Where are. you located?

I am based in Vacaville, CA. I go all over Solano County and will shoot in San Fransisco and Sacramento too!

When should I take my senior photos?

I highly recommend the summer before you start your senior year. This checks off one of the many things you need to do your senior year. But since we live in California, we can do them year round if you are looking for more of a Fall look. Be sure to have them done no later then March the year you graduate at the latest.

Do you do year book photos?

You will want to check with your school to see what the rules are with this. Some schools have contracts for the yearbook photo with a deadline in late October. Some allow you to use what ever photographer you want.

Even if you have to go to the contracted photographer for yearbook photo, which is usually free, you definitely still want to choose another photographer who will customize your senior portrait experience that will best reflect your personality and give the parents the images they want too.