Congratulations on your teen becoming a high school senior! This is such a great milestone for you and your teen. It is also a very overwhelming time as well. I know you want to be there and support them as much as you can and it is received well on the teen's side of things. Hopefully, these 10 tips below will help you and your teen survive their last year in high school.- *wink*

  1. Plan early! College applications are a daunting task and can a long time. Researching schools to apply to can be very time-consuming as it is a huge decision for your teen's next step in life. Take the standardized tests and get started on writing essays for college applications.
  2. Do not be overbearing. This is where being supportive comes in. It is time to give your teen some space to make some decisions on their own. Be there to give advice and offer guidance and respect their choices. This will help in keeping your relationship strong as they go off to college.
  3. Managing Stress. This is a stressful year for both of you. There is a lot of pressure for your teen to choose a path, college, trade school, or work full-time after high school graduation. They need your guidance on how to manage that stress. Encourage them to exercise and eat healthy and not to be afraid or ashamed to talk to a counselor and or therapist.
  4. Being there for your teen. This is a very important time for you to just be there for your teen. As they enter adulthood they need to know they can count on you and talk to you no matter the topic. Be a good listener, don't judge and or criticize, be that shoulder they can cry on, and know that you are their safe place.
  5. Enjoy the Ride! This is a great time to make those memories before they head off to the real world. Make sure you make time to go to their school events, sports, concerts, etc...They will always remember when you show up for them!
  6. Help them prepare to leave the nest. Help them choose a college, or trade school. Teach them how to cook, their roommates will appreciate it. Teach them how to budget so they are not calling bank of the parents all the time.
  7. Be Proud! No matter how much you "think" your child knows you are proud, you can never say it enough. Let them know on a regular basis. This will help give them confidence as they venture out on their own.
  8. Let them go. This is one of the hardest parts. But if you did your job well, they will succeed and be fine. Yes, they will need you for a sounding board and advice down the road but it is time to let them go and experience life and make their own mistakes. Be there without judgment for them, that will ensure they come to you whenever they need someone to talk to.
  9. Stay connected. This means calling, texting, and or emailing. Everyone loves a safety net especially as we venture out on our own for the first time, and you can be that for your teen. I promise, when they become their own adults and are set in their careers and family life, they will thank you.
  10. Cherish this year. It will fly by so be sure to slow down, take in those moments, and capture as many photos as you can along the way. You both have worked very hard to get here and you both deserve to have amazing memories of senior year!

Senior year is such an amazing milestone for the teen and the parent. The parent has put their whole heart into their teen and the teen has worked so hard through school. This is a year of great change and excitement! It is time for your teen to explore their interests and make memories with their friends they will cherish forever. Parents, you plan an important role in supporting your teen during this transition. I hope these tips will help you and your teen have an amazing twelfth year!

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